Tough Life

Mile 0 to Hope. 204 km. What a great start to the journey! Our friend and fellow Rotarian Doug came to Mile 0 at 4:45 AM to see us off and take the official Mile 0 photo. It was still pretty dark! It was little cool at times riding to Swartz Bay but the sun was up by the time I got to the toll booth. Made the 7:00 AM sailing with plenty of time to spare.
I had perfect riding weather on the mainland. It was cloudy and cool until lunchtime. It got sunny and warmer as the afternoon wore on. Along the way I saw deer, rabbits, squirrels, all kinds birds and farm animals–cows, horses, goats and even a couple of turkeys. I rode along the open border between Canada and the US.
It was a very flat day with less than 700m total ascent. But the real story is the tailwind that really picked up in the afternoon.
Imagine you got to work early in the morning…really early. Then you worked diligently all day, stopping only for a quick lunch. Snacks and water were only while working. By the middle of the afternoon you were through your day’s work. A decent boss would tell you to go home. Not my boss. My boss made a fuss about not wasting a tailwind and told me to get another 40km in before going home. And that is how I now find myself in Hope when the plan was Chilliwack.

A Symphony of Squeaks

Highway signs in BC are hung from a horizontal bar as shown in the photo. In the wind, the signs swing. What you may not know is that they squeak quite loudly. I was crossing an overpass with several of these signs all swinging in the wind. It was a delightful symphony of squeaks and groans!

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