Tough Life

We are now three weeks into our journey and have crossed off four provinces. The story line has been all about the weather. It has been cold, hot, windy and wet but not necessarily in the same day. There has been way too much wind and while some days it has helped Murray many days it has not. For me it was the strong crosswinds that made me have a death’s grip on the steering wheel at times. With a vehicle that is just shy of ten feet tall there is a lot of windage area.

Murray has chosen the less travelled routes so that he could avoid as much traffic as possible. While this is true the downside has been that some roads were dreadful for me to drive on there also is not much in the way of places to see or sites to view. It is sad to see how many small towns and villages are mostly shuddered as the people have moved elsewhere to live. It won’t be long until some are completely gone. But no matter the population it is interesting how many small golf courses are out there. I could have played many more if it hadn’t been so damm cold. I don’t play winter golf after February! I am definitely spoiled playing in Victoria at Uplands but none the less these smaller courses have been fun to play.

I have also kept in touch with the office and do my emails daily so unfortunately work is always in the background. However, my staff are doing a great job and there is nothing that is worrying me. Three more weeks and we will be flying back to Victoria to give everyone else time on the road and at the campgrounds. That has been a blessing of travelling at the time of year when everyone else is at home.

1 thought on “Ontario here we are!

  1. It was great to meet you today at the Atikokan Travel Information Centre Kathy!
    We would love to have you both back some day and for you to play a round of golf at the Atikokan Little Falls Municipal Golf Course!

    Safe travels to you and Murray!

    From Hannah and Sarah
    Tourism Atikokan

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