Tough Life

We have arrived in Manitoba and took a day off to spend time in Riding Mountain National Park. We have been fortunate to travel in this shoulder season. It has been very easy to get a campground and I have always been able to walk onto a golf course.

We went for a short hike in the morning and in the afternoon I played a round of golf at Clear Lake Golf Club. It was nice to have real greens after the sand greens of the last course I played in Saskatchewan. While I played Murray was busy making pan bread and catching up on almost three weeks of emails. After my game we headed out for a short hike before finding our way to another campsite for the night.

Today was a long straight road to our quite campground, we are the only ones here, just outside Eriksdale! Tomorrow will take us to Selkirk but I hope to stop and play some golf in Gimli and probably check out the infamous airstrip(check out Gimli glider if you don’t know what I am referring to).

Depending on weather we will be in Ontario by Sunday!

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